Thursday, 25 August 2011

Talawa '#I am England' at Sadler's Well's Lilian Baylis Studio

For the past month I have been working as assistant designer with Talawa theatre company on '#I am England.' Check it out at Sadler's Wells Lilian Baylis studio!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Escapism Final Designs

Finally Finished!

Final hand-in complete! Here are the best shots from the final photoshoot, modelled by Jessie Stalbow. 

'Seeing' by Kandinsky, a contemporary dance interpretation...

Final Term, Final Major Project...

So I didn't update my blog throughout the project as planned, but here is a brief summary of the term in pictures... 

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Greenwich Sunset

Back to Escapism

Went to Greenwich today as it was such beautiful weather, but also took a few pictures of the Greenwich tunnel for my personal project. I am designing and making for a site specific performance and have decided to set it in the tunnel as it is an interesting space with amazing acoustics.

'Nimbus Nymphs' realised costumes on stage...

Rachael Fraser - 'Nimbus Nymph 3'
Costume realisation - me,  Make - up artist and wig maker - Bea Sweet
Designed by Nina Jovanovic and Gigi Dey


'Nimbus Nymphs'

3 of us were allocated to work on the costumes for the 'Nimbus Nymphs' who first appear on stage dancing inside giant inflatable bubbles made by 3 technical effects students. They were designed by Nina Jovanovic, Gigi Dey and Jennie Poundall. The bubbles pop onstage and the dancers emerge and transform into the nimbus nymphs. Therefore the costumes and wigs had to each have an element of transformation. We created concertina origami shapes which we hand pleated, that were twisted onto the body using magnets, and could be slowly pulled off by the dancers. They then used these origami tube shapes for the next part of the choreography. I made the costume for Nimbus Nymph 3, danced by Rachael Fraser, along with Bea Sweet who was the make up artist and wig maker. 

Adding texture to the suit

Rachael in costume and makeup ready for filming


Filming - Closeups inside bubble



Arranging concertina in a shape on the back using magnets

Finished suit on hand-in day

Bubbles in rehearsal

Concertina arranged on back